Monday, September 24, 2018

A piece of the backstory...

Going furniture free allowed us to test the waters of being in a small home.

We bought our "big" house in New Orleans in 2014 and in 2017 when we sold it, we got rid of most of our furniture and paired down a lot of the junk that had accumulated. There were a few reasons I took the plunge and decided to sell or donate a lot of things when we moved.

There's the obvious one - it's way easier to load, haul, and unload a smaller moving truck. Not to mention less boxes to unpack once we arrived at our destination.

I was also very overwhelmed by the constant cleaning and CRAP that accumulated all over the house. The mess was literally drowning me every day I spent at home. My husband and I felt like every weekend was spent maintaining the house. So we thought by eliminating a large majority of our "stuff" we would thereby decrease the relentless cleaning of "stuff."

But mostly, it boils down to the fact that I had been really curious to take a stab at the “furniture free” idea I read about from Katy Bowman. (Check out the book “Move Your DNA” or her website for more info). 

Over the 3 years we lived in our house in New Orleans, I found that we were always on the floor playing with our kids rather than sitting on the sofas. We never watched TV other than putting a show on for my older toddler (which I admit, this came in very handy as I navigated the world of staying home with a newborn AND toddler). But we also found that because she got screen time, she often requested it at times we didn’t want to give it to her (you know, when we wanted to get out of the house). So in our effort to cut her off, we didn’t even take our single TV with us when we moved. Not to mention the thing was 12 years old and on it’s way out anyway… our logic was “if we find that we miss the TV, we can get a new one for fairly cheap.” So, without a TV coming with us, there was also no need for the sofas, right?

Well, we brought three beds, two dressers, a dining table (that we handmade) with four chairs, a large book shelf, a rocking chair (that was given to us from my grandparents), tools, miscellaneous storage items like shelving units, and some boxes of clothes, decor, books, etc. That was it. We fit everything into a 16 foot moving truck and drove to Colorado.

Shedding bulky items like our giant sofas and TV really helped when we moved into a mere 643 sq. ft. apartment! And after living for over a year without sofas? We don't miss them one bit.

Now if I can just convince my husband to shed the dining table and chairs...

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