Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Needing a little more space?

I'm so excited to announce that I have joined a fantastic group of women who have been quite inspiring to me over the past years and I will be blogging along side them each month! The topic this month really got my wheels turning. It couldn’t have been a better time for me to write about it so without further ado, let’s get to it!

“If I could change one thing about my small space…”

It would definitely be the location!

My family has really enjoyed moving from the apartment to this house because of the outdoor space and feeling of freedom we gained in the process. I no longer need to leash up the dogs every time they need to go outside. And now I have an outdoor space to eat lunch, do yoga, or just kick the kids out when I need a moment (any SAHM’s raising your hand too?). Our yard has become an oasis of calm and rejuvenation for me. It's by far a pretty space, but I can breathe more deeply when I’m outside. And when I’m not outside, rather than shushing my kids every five seconds, I am comforted by the fact that my kids can be loud without disturbing others.

But moving into this house also made me realize very quickly that we don’t belong in the ‘burbs. The cars that zoom down our street, CONSTANTLY. The background noise of sirens, people, vehicles, planes, even lawn sprinkler systems. The lack of trees and greenery in the neighborhood. The dirt in my yard that kills anything that is planted in it. It’s not where I want to be. We met many goals of ours by purchasing this house, but I’m starting to wonder if the more important ones weren’t quite met.

Now, don't get me wrong... I am trying to live in the moment here and not let the wheels start turning yet, but it’s REALLY hard. See, the thing is for a long time I’ve wanted two things: to travel the US (for at least 6 months to a year) or to live on my own homestead (preferably somewhere greener than Colorado). And I’m honestly torn between the two.

Long term, I desperately want a homestead - land to plant our food, raise the meat we consume, and space to explore every day. My husband would love land to be able to hunt and provide some of the freshest and most humanely raised meat for our family. But I also want to explore and I know that owning a farm doesn't really mesh with lots of travel. As a family we love the outdoors. Mountains, streams, wildlife. You name it, we want to know more about it. And I feel the best way to learn more is to be immersed in it. The trouble is - income. My husband’s job is location dependent. So for either of these things to happen, we have to make some big changes on the income front.

We joke about how we looked at Realtor.com before our first mortgage payment was even due on this house. But I find there’s some deep knowledge in that truth and we need to hold on to that. We need to sit with that and not let it go. We knew this wouldn’t be a forever home. And so, I remind myself daily that this is our FOR NOW home. We have a small space that fully meets our needs. We can spend much more time outside by walking out our backdoor. But as I write this post (from our campsite in the Rockies where I do not have a lick of reception), I know there is a small space out there in the boonies calling our names… whether that means we will find a homestead or perhaps we can figure out an income stream so we hit the road. Either way, this peace and quiet and oneness with nature is moving to the top of my list for our future forever home (which of course will be small as well).

This post was written for inclusion in the September 2018 collection of the Small Family Homes Blog Community. Read below for more writings on living small from our community of writers. Check back next month for a new topic and posts in the series. And if there is a topic you'd like to see us write about, let us know!

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  1. 1. I somehow missed that you were in the Denver suburbs! I lived in various places in the Front Range for about 6 years.
    2. That is an absolute bummer that your new place is not where you want it to be. I totally resonate with the burbs not being the place for me. And how hard it is to live in a place when you really want to be somewhere else (been there!). If you ever need anyone to bounce ideas off of for making those dreams a reality or just vent to definitely reach out. I get it!
    3. I love your writing and I am so glad that you are writing with us! Can't wait to follow your journey and read more.

    1. Thank you Jenn! I'm thrilled to be apart of such a great group and can't wait to get to know everyone better through it. It sounds like we should chat about ideas and dreams soon... :)

  2. If you figure out the new income stream, let me know! That is our biggest hang up to living on the road. Both of our jobs are 100% location dependent. I could maybe, sort of eek out a path tangentially related to my career, but I my husband is in labour/trades in an industry that doesn't translate to travel at all. And like you, our back up dream is a homestead. We've started looking a little more seriously at land, so maybe that will happen first!

    1. If I figure it all out, I will certainly make a detailed post! We have been back and forth for several years now and with each new move it seems that different opportunities lead us down an unexpected path. We keep exploring the options handed to us and learning new things in the meantime. I keep telling my husband that things will work out and one day we will be on the road or have a beautiful homestead.