Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Move: A timeline and my biggest worry

Here's how it's going down:

October 16: Randy's last day of work
October 17 - 19: Randy visits Vancouver and *hopefully* finds us a temporary home
October 17: Realtors put the house on the market and show it the following weekend
October 22: Movers come (Hallelujah! Y'all, I've never had movers before - other than the oh-so-helpful family and friends who have probably helped too many times to count - so I'm stoked!)
October 23: Fly to New Orleans and relax... for now
November 7: Fly back to Denver and sleep our last night in our empty house on our camper mattress
November 8: Begin the trek to Washington, camping along the way (anyone have great suggestions for places to stay or things to see?)
November 19: Randy begins the new job.

My biggest worry at this point is not actually packing or landing a home in Vancouver, but the getting there part! Our camper is really basic... like not going to keep us toasty if it's freezing out. And we are talking about traveling approximately 1,250 miles in November across the northwestern U.S. Someone help! I know I follow lots of roadies out there - how do you cope in the cold? Or will it not actually be *that* cold? I have no concept of coldness other than frigid, humid New Orleans (where I likely was never dressed appropriately for winter) and the cool, snowy weather of Colorado (which I have enjoyed). What's it like in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon during November? Do we need to have a campsite with hookups to run a small heater? Please tell me I'm not in for a miserable trip with two kids. Someone help!

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